Navigating European cruise ports: Civitavecchia for Rome

Cruising is a great way to see Europe. You only have to unpack once, in your stateroom. You always have a “prepaid meal” in your own currency. These and other reasons make it a good choice. The problem, or headache, arises with the ports. Civitavecchia is amongst one of the highest headaches when it comes to European ports of call. First, it is far from Rome, the city it is supposed to be representing. Whether Civitavecchia is your starting point, or a port of call, getting to Rome can be difficult and expensive. In fact, if this port is your starting point for the cruise, chances are, you flew into Rome Fiumicino, which is roughly 50 km from the port. Yep, you are going to have to dig even deeper into that wallet just to get to your cruise ship! Disappointing, yes, impossible to do it on a budget, no. Let’s review your options, and you can decide which is a “best fit” for you!

  1. Take a taxi. I’m going to go ahead and go on a limb here and say “Please do not do this!” First off, Italian taxi drivers are known for being rip-off artists. With around an hour drive, this option will cost you hundreds, if you get a shady driver, maybe more. If, however, you are in a bind and must take a taxi (and money is no object to you) set a price before you ride. Many people do not think about this because in America you don’t do this. However, in Europe, it is required. Otherwise, get ready to have palpitations when you arrive to “extra fees.” They will nickel and dime you for everything, including luggage, which they know you will have plenty of for a European cruise. So, take my advice and 86 the taxi.
  2. Take the train. Depending upon where your hotel is located, this can be a great option. If you are just visiting this port of call, it should be your top option as it will run you under ten euros. However, if you are trying to get from a hotel to your cruise ship, it may be a hassle with luggage, but it will be a hassle that saves you money. Click here for the Tren Italia website in English. Here, you can find a train schedule and even buy tickets. You can also just purchase tickets at the train station after studying the schedule. From the Civitavecchia train station, it is a bit of a walk, but many cruise lines offer shuttles that shorten the walk significantly. This will definitely be your cheapest option, not matter what the situation.
  3. Rent a car. If you rent a car, you can have power over when you arrive at the cruise port. I would not recommend this if you are only visiting Civitavecchia as a port of call. If you are starting here, it is not really a bad option. Many cruise lines have a deal with the port garage that enables you to park there for ten euro per day. Obviously, the train will be much cheaper, but if you must, you must!
  4. Use a shuttle service. Again, these are going to be pricey, but way less than a taxi. There are many different shuttle companies that can pick you up at your hotel and drop you off right at the cruise port. If you are visiting this port as a port of call, this is an option for you as well, but the train would be better since you are not carrying luggage. For more information and pricing on shuttle services, click here.
  5. Transfers through the cruise company. If you are starting out here, you can book transfers through your cruise company. These transfers are going to cost you a lot, but they take away the stress and hassle of trying to figure things out on your own. With the transfer, your luggage will be taken care of and you will board a motor coach to get to the port and back to the airport or hotel. If Civitavecchia is just a stop on your cruise, you can also choose to join a shore excursion to avoid the hassle of using the train. The shore excursions are easy; you meet with your group leader and follow him or her the whole way. Shore excursions, especially on European cruises, can be very expensive. However, if you choose a shore excursion, you will probably get more historical knowledge out of it then making the trek on your own. Weigh your options, decide if it is a port you would really like to know more about. If so, go ahead and choose the shore excursion.

Voice Solutions and Network Products for Real Time Communication Operations

On-going technological advances take our business global. However, human voice remains a crucial business communication part till today. A number of companies are engaged in providing high quality business solutions to boost enterprise voice offerings.

Alike other critical enterprise applications, this too requires an incredibly robust and inbuilt security feature platform for supporting real time voice communication. Voice solutions from big brands like Unify formerly known as Siemens are highly acknowledged for excellent performances. All the products are offered after third party testing. The offered range is suitable for addressing modern day security threats.

For sustainable business practices, server in pairs are placed. Massive planning and implementation of business policies marks profitable growth. The ability of these advanced solutions in reducing its negative impacts on our environment is commendable. As such, it has become a significant system to reduce carbon footprint of an company. Numerous offices and home based businesses use these server pairs to restore their systems and services in case of crisis.

Increased flexibility of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) allows businesses to use single system for all key network applications and reduce operating costs. This also assists in regulating high energy consumption. Indeed, all the voice solution unify packages are significant for managing enterprise voice offering in an effective manner. These are unified communications solutions to improve overall business performance, allowing enterprises to call, collaborate and contribute through one integrated voice system.

In addition to this, Cisco, which is one of the biggest Networking Solution brand provides enhanced security to branch offices without adding anything new in the support service or branch hardware. With these premium solutions, entrepreneurs can easily set up security settings and wireless policies of any regional branch without actually being there. Customers from the IT sector can avail network products, such as switches, router and other accessories offered by Cisco and and other companies to stay relevant and compelling in fast changing tech scenarios. These networking solutions have remarkably transformed the way people connect and communicate with each other today.

These product optimize network infrastructure for critical applications. The advanced network solution technologies and Epabx systems have helped enterprises to improve security, reduce costs and enhance customer service. You can refer to EPABX dealers unify for significant networking and enterprise voice offering ideas. The offered technology products provide a well connected world. All of them make next generation products for excellent networking operations and experiences. Equipped with latest technology solutions, these provide integrated platform for more satisfying business conversations.

These are unique products to align all your marketing efforts and achieve all your business goals. In a nutshell, these help create brand identity, offering effective sales processes as well as opportunities.

Digital Phone Service VoIP Basics

Digital phone service, you can save a lot of money, local and long distance calling. Also known as digital VoIP digital phone service is changing the way people make phone calls. How? Must be accurate, digital phone service works like a traditional home phone service, except for calls to be transmitted over high-speed Internet connection such as cable or DSL. Usually, you can keep the same phone number, and you have the switch to digital VoIP service. You pick up the phone and call, as always, except at much lower prices. It is not uncommon to see features like voice mail, caller ID, call waiting, three-way calling at no extra cost. Really the only thing that feels different price. Depending on location and service provider, you can see the initial level of calling plans that allow unlimited calling throughout the United States and Canada for less than $ 1 a day. Including digital VoIP service bundled service package is a great way to reduce costs and manage their finances.

Long-distance calls has become much simpler and more cost-effective even if you connect with people who are living abroad. In years past, it was certainly possible to call friends and relatives living in distant countries, but it can mean a hefty phone bill at the end of the month. For low-cost digital VoIP service, you can rely on those days are long gone. Digital VoIP service offers flexibility when it comes to international calling plans. You can choose a plan that provides for several hundred minutes of calling, or that offers unlimited minutes. With any digital phone plan, you’ll find no country to call the flaw. Some service providers offer more than one hundred countries. On various options for international calling plan, the growing popularity of digital phone as well as business owners.

Digital VoIP or digital phone home, because he is also known to have matured. This means, to improve in all aspects. In the early days, you can only use one phone which was hooked up to a VoIP router. Any provider, but now that multiple phones can be used in conjunction with your VoIP phone. Call clarity and reliability of services has improved, industry analysts and users to find the VoIP quality is no different than land line calls. Expect that the trend of digital home phone below. It is cheaper, not only customers but suppliers as well. Fixed-line infrastructure is expensive to maintain both dollars and time. As a result, the telecommunications initiated efforts that will be one day from the land line service completely round.

Safety and Security – Pedestrian Gates

We can never be totally 100% safe, but we can definitely try and make our surroundings less accident prone and more secure. There is no sure shot formula for making a place safe, but yes, there are many things we can plan for. Listed below are a few things one should consider when thinking about you and your family’s safety.


Home is the one place where we have control, so why not do everything to make it the safest we can? Having a few safety features in your home can go a long way. Safety locks, burglar alarms, safety screen doors, fire extinguishers, etc. There are no guarantees, but we can definitely try. Here are some safety measures to take care of your home:

How to prevent break-ins

  • Fool the burglars by making your house look occupied.
  • Never leave notes around that could tip off the burglar.
  • Always keep your garage door closed and car parked inside. This prevents the burglar from thinking that no car means no one’s at home.
  • Use automatic light timers and radio timers to create a feel of someone being home.

If you are away for more than a day

  • Let someone know, especially a trusted neighbor, that you will be away for more than a day.
  • Have your calls forwarded, as many times burglars call to check whether the family is away.
  • Don’t stop mail and newspaper services, as that is a sign of you being away. Just ask your neighbor to take it in.
  • Don’t stop the garbage truck service either, as empty garbage bins means no family at home. You can ask your neighbors to make use of your bins till you return.
  • There are automatic systems available that open and close curtains. Constantly open or closed curtains are signs of an empty house.

Guard your house from hiding places

  • Make sure the areas around the house are well lit so there are no dark hiding places.
  • Install motion detectors and alarm systems at doors and windows, as these are the first places burglars will look to enter.
  • Do not have shrubs or hedges under windowsills, as they are a good hiding place. If you have to have them, make sure they are thorny.

Some Basic tips

  • Always lock your home and leave
  • Don’t tell strangers about your daily routine
  • Change the locks when you move into a new home
  • Don’t give spare keys to service people
  • Don’t leave valuables in plain sight from the windows
  • Don’t invite strangers into your home
  • If you have children, have a safety and security talk
  • When speaking with strangers, don’t open the security screen doors
  • Use peepholes to identify the visitor who is calling
  • Secure your garage and don’t have attached doors to the house
  • Prune low branches, as this won’t allow access into the upper parts of your home
  • Secure your exterior doors with security steel doors

Fire alarms for safety and security

Over time, our homes have become more and more complex, with more furniture, more electronic gadgets and other home accessories. Though our homes have become more modern and pretty to look at, we don’t even realize that our homes have become highly susceptible to fires, which may turn out to be quite hazardous.

Though, we all our spending handful of money on our appearances and the appearance of our house, we are forgetting important things like fire safety and security, which are more important than the appearance of our home.

We all are the participants to fire safety drives and awareness weeks which are conducted all over the year, but when it comes to installing the safe fire alarms systems at home, we people suddenly become misers and wonder it is worth to install the same.

Precaution is better than cure, is the saying we all go by, but we are hesitant to adopt the same to keep our homes safe and secure from fires. Hence, it is very essential that everyone should get these systems installed in their homes. Thanks to the technology as today the fire alarms systems available in the market are very fancy. These automatic alarms are made to detect the presence of fire by taking into consideration the changes in the room environment which are associated with combustion.

Today, people are slowly understanding the importance of fire security and hence turning towards security experts to help them with their fire safety and security needs. Since security and safety is a matter of concern and we all want to go to security experts who are reputed and won’t dupe their customers. Fire alarms systems hence are very important and useful in times of need, but only when the fire protection products and services are of good quality, but at the same time are available at affordable prices.

In such a scenario, choosing security experts like NSSG is the right thing to do. Over the years, they have established themselves to provide fire protection products and services over the country and that too through a single point of contact. They have built a reputation of providing efficient fire protection services at reduced prices by making changes in the purchase model. NSSG is also a leader in door entry systems. It uses a combination of bulk purchase and highly competent distribution model to provide products at affordable rates.

Apart from this, NSSG also offers a unique service of onsite surveys to understand the current standards for fire equipment and fire safety. Accordingly, they suggest the right kind of fire alarms system for each house by drafting of fire plans, safety procedures, fire training and risk assessments. So, without wasting time, get fire security and protection.

Become a Personal Trainer

For those who have in no way received a personal conditioning instructor, it can be likely excellent to acquire several thought of what you should be expecting from fitness — and things to consult virtually any likely instructor, to be sure that you get a certified instructor who is aware of the ambitions. Watchful exploration and wanting to know the correct questions will allow you to steer clear of obtaining an embarrassing experience in which can lead to abandonment of your respective conditioning as well as weight-loss ambitions.

Obtaining a excellent private conditioning instructor will take effort and time on your element. Though the exploration and period an individual put into choosing the best personal trainer might make the many big difference with no matter whether you get outcomes out of your weight-loss as well as exercise program.

An excellent personal trainer is usually one who will allow you to keep the exercise program useful, so that you will not likely become bored to tears, simply to terminate and not remain faithful to the exercise program at all. Your own personal instructor need to incorporate many different distinct work out software programs and tools — which includes the use of dumbbells, barbells, medication golf balls, and maybe perhaps kettle bells, basics as well as sandbags. If any one of individuals seem not really acquainted to you, next there exists a lot more explanation to use a personal instructor to assist you and educate you the very best physical exercises pertaining to reducing your weight and bettering the level of fitness.

When you have thought i would seek the services of a personal conditioning instructor, he or she need to match your needs. Plus your expectations must be extremely excessive. Don’t go cheap with the quality of the private education to save cash. Money is usually misused if you can’t obtain outcomes.

Question the private trainers you are looking for for the complimentary program as well as “test generate. inch in case you will definitely commit a ton of money and period right fitness system, an individual are worthy of to recognise what you increasingly becoming before you give over the amount of money. High quality instructor could well be delighted to educates you on his/her education fashion using a totally free program as well as a pair of, to become acquainted with the actual center, their procedures, and their skills.

Nearly all trainers will offer one hour training and some just one single 50 percent hr. Several trainers will offer you workouts at your home, as well as fitness times inside a specialist studio room or perhaps a gym. Whatever you come to a decision, pick a at ease atmosphere, where you stand confident that you’ll sense enthusiastic, energized, and can be according to the exercise program. Whether it’s an area you do not prefer to always be, the likelihood are usually excellent you will not likely would like to proceed. And this means that the chance of success is usually small.

Whenever seeking out fitness, constantly examine the specialist conditioning trainer’s qualifications. Constantly., nor assume that your accreditation is sufficient. An excellent instructor is usually greater sensible man who approved a new report examination about composition as well as physiology. He or she is personable, welcoming, stimulating and encouraging. Several fitness coaches have understanding of conditioning however most likely are not capable to educate you what exactly many people learn as well as lack connection knowledge which make it uncomplicated that you can not just carry out what exactly many people declare, however fully grasp reasons why.

Nearly all specialist private conditioning trainers could have an individual submit a new professional medical list of questions before starting virtually any system of conditioning. Become accurate and honest with your responses. Future you may be asked to execute a number of physical exercises to assess the level of fitness. That can decide, for the most part, exactly where the disadvantages and advantages are usually.

You need to have to get the peak, excess weight documented as well as other measurements before you start the system. This can be for that private conditioning instructor to record the improvement as you commence the conditioning education also to help make proper suggestions as he or she makes the personalized exercise program. The favorite approach is usually bio electrical impedance, just by the actual capability of the item, even though it solely offers an approximate of excess fat proportion, and isn’t really 100% reputable as well as accurate. However it can be a good start. But if your instructor will not know what bio electrical impedance is usually — run for that hillsides. Calipers is usually another simple method to determine, however can alter dependent on just how and who performs the actual caliper examination pertaining to excess fat. In any event. — an individual only need to learn where you stand once you begin to help you determine improvement after some time.

Many people are usually cautious about getting “before” photographs consumed. For anyone who is unpleasant developing a personal trainer take the photo, next carry out just one at home. Rob right down to shorts, as well as jogging bra, and even bikini for that fearless. We suggest that. Which photo is going to be of good benefit to you after. I can not tell you the amount of of my own education buyers declare the actual WOULD LIKE they had paid attention to me and consumed an image ahead of his or her amazing change. Which photo is much less uncomfortable a few months after, once you look good, confident and 20 lbs light!

Maintaining accurate documentation of your respective diet is vital into a exercise program. Many of us don’t constantly try to eat as well as we have to. We’ve Occupied lifestyles, feeding on a great deal of fast foods could be unhealthy plus your private conditioning instructor will let you learn, and may advise greater solutions for ones ambitions of keeping yourself in shape. Maintaining a new nourishment log is important. Question the instructor whenever they supply buyers using a personalized nourishment and work out log that they can submit and demonstrate thus to their personal trainer on a regular basis. The particular behave of journalism the meat and trying to keep dieting log is usually a potent application pertaining to aiding the success with getting outcomes from fitness.

Qualified private conditioning trainers must be knowledgeable inside the elements of nourishment, as well as a proper diet, together with work out, physiology and durability work out.

They must be happy to create the correct diet that you can abide by and inspire one to abide by the ambitions.

It’s always significant in which virtually any private conditioning instructor is usually licensed and carries insurance coverage. However bear in mind its not all certifications would be the very same. Several fitness coaches are usually ‘certified’ on-line, and even by his or her center. You’ll find not any rigorous rules inside the fitness business pertaining to trainers — and so don’t just take a new accreditation like a training course. Search for a well recognized nation’s accreditation together with rigorous requirements, necessary ongoing education and learning, and evidence of real working experience.

Another benefit of dealing with a new instructor if you are inside a gym as well as health club, is usually in which dealing with a personal instructor often means not any waiting around as well as using becomes with machines as well as various other exercise equipment.

Getting a meeting for ones education promotes one to enroll in the system often, and developing a collection fitness schedule using your instructor increases the probability of persistence and success together with weight-loss.

A personal conditioning instructor creates the prearranged appointments, packages period away just by an individual, and keeps track of the improvement by evaluating one’s body excess fat and excess weight after some time.

He/she can learn the improvement, and know what the stamina is usually, as a way to keep incidents from pushing oneself a lot of. Knowing the improvement and ob

Several Facts You Need To Know About Digital Optical Cables

Optical cable is known as one of the easiest ways for connecting your devices together to transfer the digital sound signal. This cable is also recognized as SPDIF or Toslink. It consists of fiber optic which can transfer light rather than electrical signal as the digital coaxial cable would for example. There are available different types of cable and your choice can depend on what you are going to use the cable for.

Among various options available, the single mode and multimode cables are two common options that often used today. The single mode cables are absolutely designed for the application in multichannel broadcasting system and also in long distance telecommunication networks. On the other hand, the multimode cables are perfect to be used for short distance connections like LAN and video surveillance systems.

Moreover, digital optical cable is another type that mostly used today. It uses for the connection of digital home cinema, CD players, games consoles and also other quality hi-fi equipment. You can use one of these for connecting your DVD to AMP for example. This type of cable is also known as toslink cable that refers to the types of plug.

The technology of fiber optic sends data without the need of electricity through the conductor. Instead of the electrical signals, the modulated light is used for quickly transmitting data through an insulated glass fiber-type material. You cannot disrupt the signal by the outside sources; especially the electricity that is in the form of your AV power cords can possibly cause interference in your standard copper based cable.

Furthermore, digital optical cables can work well in transmitting sound signals by using fiber-optic technology, or stands of glass which can transmit the digital information to the receiver. Digital optical ports can be found on some music players, but they are more common in the comprehensive systems that used for entertainment or gaming. Generally, digital optical connections are considered the best because the pulses of light which travel through the cables can refract faster and more clearly than any other type of communication technology available. Consequently, digital optical cables are also the most expensive cables, and they will cost more per foot than the other options.

This type of digital cables must not be confused with either coaxial digital cables or HDMI cables. The coaxial cable is another option that uses normal copier wire for transmitting the audio signals. This cable resembles RCA cables and it is set up in the similar manner. However, it solely focuses on the sound and it is capable of carrying more information. Additionally, instead of sending the light pulses, it can also send pulses of electricity which are then decoded in the similar fashion.

Because coaxial digital cables are available in less expensive price, they are identified as the most popular type of audio signal cable that can be used in the entertainment systems. Meanwhile, you can use the HDMI cables between any devices which have the proper ports and they are also used for very high-quality signals.

5 Suggestions For Profitable Bathroom Reworking

  1. Choose the Right Contractor – In lots of areas of the country, together with Madison toilet transforming is among the most popular initiatives for homeowners. Nevertheless, to keep away from the process being a catastrophe and to ensure the job is completed to your satisfaction, it’s good to select the suitable contractor. After all, you want nice customer service as well as good workmanship and in this case you get what you pay for, making the apples to apples method of comparing estimates unrealistic. When getting estimates from completely different contractors, at all times compare the corporate’s fame in addition to what they provide in the way of labor. It’s also really useful to contact your Higher Business Bureau.
  2. Good Planning – Good toilet remodeling requires plenty of planning and organization, which is particularly necessary when coping with the everyday small rest room area. Before any development takes place, it is a additionally a good suggestion to make sure you know the steps concerned, even though your contractor obviously does. You may make sure you are better knowledgeable and higher able to make good decisions in case you are effectively prepared and make a degree of teaching your self about the undertaking.
  3. Work Triangles – The space between the functional areas and facilities of your lavatory is called the work triangle, and although the time period is normally used for kitchens, it will possibly additionally apply to the toilet, bathe and washbasin. Your bathroom can really feel open and spacious as well as be extra useful and easier to use if you happen to make some extent of taking into consideration the all essential work triangle.
  4. Selecting the Proper Materials – In case you are new to transforming, you might discover the plethora of supplies confusing, and the large number of choices offered by the massive stores can mean nearly too many choices. The right contractor will take into consideration the price of the fabric, durability and the way it seems, ensuring that you choose the precise stuff for your rest room. It can be all too obvious if you select the poor materials for your challenge, whereas choosing the right ones can make an enormous difference and might final for so long as you personal your house.
  5. Waterproofing and Concrete – Utilizing cement board alone just isn’t enough, and an excellent contractor will stop moisture accumulating by utilizing bath room remodel concrete board for tiled areas and moisture resistant drywall for surfaces that are painted.

ASTM accepted mortar ought to be used to tape and finish the corners and joints, and this helps to create a second barrier in opposition to the moisture. Because of this the finished tile will not be the only protection towards water and moisture.

In case your contractor tells you all this is not essential, it’s best to find one other contractor. This easy and affordable step will be sure that your Madison rest room remodeling mission is a hit and can add many years to the lifetime of your rest room.

Top 5 Advantages of Digital Telephones Over Dial-In Phones

Top 5 Advantages of Digital Telephones over Dial-in phones
In digital telephones, audio signals are turned as digital data for being transmitted using the Internet. If you decide to use digital telephone systems like the Toshiba IPedge for your company, you can derive many benefits. Let us have a look at some of the benefits.

  1. The main benefit you can get if you get the digital telephone systems installed for your business is that your communication expenses will come down drastically. Since this system uses the Internet unlike in the Dial-in phones, you can have more efficient communications that may go a long way in improving your business.
  2. You will not be incurring hardware expenses in digital telephone systems like the Toshiba IPedge. But, in the case of dial-in phones, you should be ready to incur these expenses. Whatever minimum hardware you may require in digital systems may be made available by the providers if you make an appropriate agreement with them.
  3. Your clients will be happy because they will be able to communicate with you and your staff more effectively. There will not be any loopholes in the communication systems and so, you will be able to serve your customers better. Such satisfied customers will certainly do word-of-mouth publicity for you. This will help you to have an expanded customer base.
  4. Since long-distance calls will be cheaper, you can even plan to expand your business globally. You can have branch offices abroad because keeping in touch with the foreign branch offices or foreign suppliers will no more be a problem. You should ensure to opt for flat rates for such calls because this option will get you substantial savings.
  5. As a business owner, you may face the necessity to travel a lot. But, even on occasions when you are away from your office, you can interact with your employees and managers and keep monitoring the production, marketing and other aspects of your business. Such a possibility is not available in traditional telephone systems.

In addition to having efficient and cost-effective communication systems, you can derive many other benefits also. For example, even if you depute your marketing or sales people for special assignments, they can keep in touch with you and seek clarifications they may need during the course of these assignments.

In view of all these benefits, installing digital telephone systems like the Toshiba IPedge for your office is a prudent decision.

Satellite navigation reduces aircraft noise

Satellite navigation reduces aircraft noise

Air Berlin validates noise abatement approaches

Air Berlin, the second largest German airline, is validating new noise abatement approach procedures as part of a joint research project conducted by the German Aerospace Center (DLR), Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH (DFS) and Fraport AG.

World travelers will be interested to know that, on September 6, one of Air Berlin’s Boeing 737-700s will be carrying out 13 different approaches at the DLR research airport at Braunschweig-Wolfsburg, while noise measurements are recorded on the ground.

Effective noise abatement can be achieved on the one hand by noise avoidance, and on the other by noise transfer.

To this end Air Berlin is testing curved approaches to avoid over-flying residential areas in future. The research flights in Braunschweig (Brunswick) will be simulating approaches to Frankfurt am Main airport. The volume of air traffic at Germany’s busiest airport does not permit reduced-noise approaches to be tested there.

Noise transfer, however, is possible by delaying the descent.

This will involve Air Berlin’s Boeing adopting a steeper glide slope than the typical one of three degrees. Not only will the noise levels be measured during the validation flights, but the impact of the noise control procedures on the aircraft and the operational procedures carried out by the crew will also be scrutinised.

Air Berlin will be using the new GLS (Global Positioning and Landing System) for these validation flights in Braunschweig. In contrast with the conventional instrument landing system (ISL), which only permits straight approach paths, GLS also enables the aircraft to skirt residential areas and to fly steeper approaches.

Satellite navigation means not only that the noise experienced in residential areas near the airport can be reduced, but also that Air Berlin can achieve greater cost efficiency.

GLS can also allow accurate approach flights to be carried out without an instrument landing system even in poor visibility or at airports located in difficult terrain. This renders holding stacks or diversions to nearby airports unnecessary.

“The more weather-independent and flexible we can make our flights, the more stable our flying schedules will be,” said Christoph Debus, Air Berlin’s Chief Commercial Officer. “That means even greater reliability and comfort for our passengers.

Furthermore, GLS allows us to reduce our fuel consumption and consequently our environmental impact.”

World travelers will be happy to know that.

Air Berlin is the only airline in the world with approval to use the new satellite navigation system for normal flight operations. In November 2009 the German Federal Aviation Office granted the airline permission for category 1 (CAT1) approach flights. Since June 2007, all type 737-700 and -800 Boeings delivered to Air Berlin have been equipped with GLS. By 2013 the airline’s entire Boeing fleet should be operating with the global positioning and landing system.